Mar 10

Raspberry Pi

OK, once in a while there’s somethingRaspberry Pi Logo I just have to let everyone know included my family and friends. Seems like this one kind of got past me but not my very smart students. It’s called Raspberry Pi, and it’s a great little device that has a media player to play movies and pictures on your TV (and more if you want to play with it… seems like some people actually use it to play games, etc.).

One Does Not Simply Buy A Raspberry Pi Picture

The thing that’s crazy is that Raspberry Pi sells for $25 for model A and $35 for model B. It went on sale on February 29th and all the unexpected demand took down multiple companies’ websites – see  Needless to say they are sold out… it uses the same type of technology used in tablets and phones (ARM processors). The nice thing is it does HD video as well via a USB device you plug into it.

It is Linux based so it runs very light and faster than other OSs like Windows.

I want a couple just to play with (model B because it has an extra USB port and network connection)… but I figured I would pass it along to those that may be interested in playing digital movies and video on their home systems for a reasonable price… my next question is where can I buy stock (already checked… they’re a charity so you can’t buy stock)?

They are the hottest thing on the planet right now in demand and their Internet searches actually beat Lady Gaga in popularity for a moment in time.

Why is it so inexpensive???… because it’s a charity organization trying to raise money… their interests lie in benefiting society in general instead of themselves (unlike traditional business models)… this is why some of us LOVE LINUX!

They are also using this to create jobs in the UK. Eben Upton is not greed based like the traditional Jobs or Gates prototypes… ViVA Linux!!!!!  Upton and those people backing him on this effort at this point and time marks an evolution in technological thinking.

If anything this is yet another example from one of the founding members of one laptop per child, that yet again shows you can generate jobs and money to benefit society without the man sticking it to us!!! It’s a paradigm shift from the capitalistic mentality most of us may have in regard to computers…

Check out the video here for how it works:

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